Rotera Active Crankcase Ventilation Systems

Patented Disc Stack Separation Technology for high-efficiency blow-by treatment. Engineered to meet customer’s unique requirements and tomorrow’s emission regulations today

Rotera’s Active Crankcase Ventilation Technology

Rotera’s Active Crankcase Ventilation System (ACCVS) offers one of the highest separation efficiencies on the market, so you can meet future emission regulations today. Based on our patented Disc Stack Separation Technology, Rotera’s ACCVS effectively and continuously remove oil mist from blow-by gases with a proven efficiency close to 100%. And with our highly compact design, Rotera systems are suitable for all types of engines in off-highway applications, passenger cars, and commercial vehicles. Select your application below to learn more:

Proven technology engineered in Sweden and Germany

Disc Stack Separation Technology is a proven technology used across multiple industries and applications to reliably remove solids from liquids, liquids from liquids, and solids from gas.

Technical Plastic Products

Technical plastic components and systems for internal combustion engines and electric powertrains.

Testing and R&D Services

Having fully outfitted laboratories with advanced testing and simulation equipment, our engineers can provide you with complex laboratory testing and consulting services in the fields of crankcase ventilation and liquid-to-gas separation technology as well as technical plastic and sealing engineering for various industries.